Our long experience in the field allowed us to be experts in providing high quality products and services for the military clients. Those products and services include administrative and technical support military systems and projects, maintenance and repair of equipment and systems, for  supply of ground vehicles equipment, supply of spare parts for aircraft and helicopters, supply of field communication electronics and systems, supply and maintenance of radar and command control centers, supply of battleground sensors, supply and manufacturing of obsolete items.

Administrative Support

The company provides within its projects the full administrative support services that includes providing of the specialized manpower for leadership, administrative and technical positions; including the stage of submission, recruitment, personnel services, paying their monthly salaries according to the requirements of the contract and the deposit of salaries on the 26th of each month according to the company’s systems in the accounts of employees in their banks, as well as the payment of overtime allowances, transportation, housing, subsistence, medical insurance, social insurance, arranging yearly and emergency holidays, travel and transport services and other services required that employees may need.

  • Submission, recruitment, comprehensive employee services, monthly salary payments to employees without delay, and securing contract management sites.
  • Provide comprehensive services for employees from transportation, housing, subsistence, medical insurance and social insurance contributions.
  • Arranging official and emergency leaves, travel and transport services, banking services and other services that may be required by employees.

Technical Support

The company has extensive experience in the field of operation and maintenance of military systems, where a number of projects have been implemented in this field. Currently a technical support program for F-15 aircraft is being implemented for RSAF .

We have the capabilities to provide experienced manpower to assist and advice our customers and have the ability to provide training for complex systems and equipment.

Currently Jadwalean provide technical support for various customers and in 7 cities in Saudi Arabia.

Maintenance & Repairs

We provide maintenance and repair service for military systems and equipment to include C130, AWACS and helicopters, C4I systems to include radars, telecommunication systems, ground support equipment, military vehicles and systems. We also provide maintenance services for electronics systems to include tactical radio systems, ATC Systems and accessories.