Services information

Technical Support

Jadwalean has extensive experience in field of technical support, operation, repairs, and maintenance of military systems, as it has executed several projects in this field, most notably the project of technical support services (maintenance) for the aircraft system (F15) for the Saudi Air Force - the most complex & important for more than 6 years - for more than 6 years from 2016/1/1 AD to April 2022 ,3/31, AD.
Also, Jadwalean currently executing the technical support program for the Early Warning Aircraft System (AWACS) and Air refueling for the Royal Saudi Air Force, as well as the technical support project for classified jobs for the Royal Saudi Naval Forces.
Jadwalean holds permit to provide military services from the General
Authority for Military Industries in the following areas:

• Technical support for military aircraft, including maintenance,
repair and overhaul of combat military aircraft, transportation,
helicopters, and refueling.
• Technical support for parts of systems for vehicles, aircraft,
and military ships, including maintenance and repair of parts for
aircraft systems, ships, frigates, and warships.
• Technical support for military communications equipment,
including maintenance and repair of parts for radar systems and
communications equipment for aircraft and warships.


Maintenance & Repairs

Jadwalean International Company has the necessary expertise and know how to maintain and repair military and security systems, including: • Maintenance and repairs of parts of civil and military aircraft. • Maintenance of radar systems and control centers. • Maintenance of systems, equipment, vehicles, security and military vehicles. • Maintenance and repair of various civil and security systems.


Logistics and supply

Jadwalean has strategic relationships with prominent Manufacturers and suppliers of military & Civil equipment, devices, and Spare parts for aircraft, radars in USA & Europe.

  • Supply spare parts, repair, and maintenance for military and civil aircraft.
  • Supply ground support equipment and aircraft workshop equipment.
  • Supply of radars, spare parts, maintenance, and services for Specialized command, control, communications systems & computer.
  • Provides successful support for obsolete items of Various military and civilian systems.


Electronics & CCS

Jadwalean int'l provides support for communications and electronics equipment and capabilities including for example: avionics radios and communications, quality assurance test equipment, high frequency radios, command and control communications, satellite communications, ground surveillance radar, Radar communication equipment's and parts, countermeasure equipment, night vision goggles, laser infrared observation sets, battlefield sensors, interoperability of software and IT systems and infrastructure among other capabilities.